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What is a Home Warranty?

Home Warranties are quite invaluable; they are a residential service contract that provides repair and replacement coverage’s for many of a home’s most essential systems and appliances. With this, sellers, buyers, and agents can all be protected against costly breakdowns before, during, and after the sale of the home. In many ways, a Home Warranty

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Costs of Owning a Home in San Diego

Owning a home in San Diego can sometimes be far more cost effective than renting an apartment or house. Analysts have looked at trends in the housing market and seen that, due to the market bubble, mortgages can often be cheaper than rent after the down payment. http://www.ziprealty.com/blog/san-diego-ca/owning-home-san-diego-can-be-much-more-cost-effective-renting-apartment How the Property Tax System Works When

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Colleges in San Diego

San Diego has many colleges available here. Whether you are looking for a Community College or a University, there are many to choose from. San Diego State University (aka California State University San Diego) Located in the aptly named college area of town, this University boasts a wide variety of academics and athletics. SDSU has

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Why San Diego?

Why does one choose to move to San Diego? There are so many reasons, it’s hard to choose! Weather San Diego is sunny nearly year round. It is always warm and inviting here, and we don’t experience most kinds of inclement weather: no tornados, hurricanes, etc. If you own convertibles, that’s especially great news! Multiple

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Why Do I Need a Realtor?

This is often one of the first questions that people ask themselves when it comes to buying or selling a home. This is an understandable question, but the answers are a lot simpler than the process itself: Coordinating all aspects of the process. The difficulty of keeping tabs on inspectors, paperwork, contractors, loan documents, escrow

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Retiring in San Diego

Retiring in San Diego gets more and more popular every year! The relatively constant warm weather is particularly fantastic for people who retire; when the weather is almost always nice outside, the ability to go out and experience the town is that much easier! There are many retirement communities all over the county; if you

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